Spectrum Pro-Audio is a multifaceted business with a focus on Live Event production, e.g. corporate events and presentations, parties, national/international level concerts, and other special events.

Our staff of seasoned professionals, along with maintaining state-of-the-art equipment, has kept us the #1 choice for many outstanding events. We understand the importance of listening, creative ideas, pre-planning, timelines, and a k.i.s.s approach.

Speaker Systems

Small Electro Voice (EVID) speakers for small room presentation and large area muzak or sound

Mid-size JBL or Peavey speakers for medium size rooms for music and/or presentation events.

Mid to large size EAW Line Array KF850 speakers for medium to large rooms or outside events
Concert-size EAW Line Array KF 760 series speaker system for large room, arenas, large outside music events and presentation events. These speakers are without a doubt the first choice of any world-class touring artist.

Mixing Consoles

Small Behringeer 6-channel mixers for small presentations where minimal versatility is needed
Small Peavey 8-channel self-powered mixer for small presentations where minimal versatility is needed, but convenience is a must.
Allen & Heath 16-channel Mix-Wizard for small to medium presentations where versatility is needed in a compact size.
Allen & Heath 32-channel mixer for medium to large presentations where versatility is needed.
Yamaha PM3500 - Yamaha PM4000 - Midas XL3 mixing desks.


300-500 watt Par56 lights w/ trees & gels
500-1000 watt Par64 lights w/trees or trussing & gels
Concert system 120 Par64 1000 watt lighting system mounted on two 40'x24"x24" trusses w/ Genie lifts & gels
NSI 8-channel controller w/ appropriate dimmer packs and cabling
NSI 48-channel controller w/ appropriate dimmer packs and cabling
MA Light Commander 120-channel controller w/ appropriate dimmers and cabling
Altman Comet medium throw spotlights
Martin Mac intelligent lighting
Martin Leko lights w/ gobo inserts
Martin CX-2 lights
Ultimate Hazers for lighting impact


4'x8' decking sections - maximum 40'x30'x6' high total surface area w/ non-skid rubber surface.
40'x40' roof package with fly tours and 110v or 220v motors

Large Screen Front and Rear Projection

NEC 2000 - 3000 ANSI projectors for small to medium presentations and events
NEC 6000 lumen projectors for medium to large presentations and events up to 40'x40' projection (no need for a dark room presentation) w/ wireless LAN capabilities
Most sizes of video screens front and rear projection


Full staff of seasoned, experienced and professional stagehands
Professional sound and lighting technicians and designers
Imagination is our only limitation
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